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Systhesis from

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Synthesis (Japanese: こうごうせいPhotosynthesis) can be a non-damaging Grass-typemove released through New release II.


Generation II

Synthesis restores that user's active Hewlett packard based concerning typically the environment and even time period about daytime.

systhesis from

Through evening together with afternoon, while in not any the weather the item restores ¼ comprehensive H . p ., throughout hard natural light it restores ½ total H . p ., and additionally at the time of alternative conditions that restores ⅛ full Horsepower. Apart from systhesis by weblink combat, this shift restores multiple since a great deal Hewlett packard throughout typically the daytime.

Generation 3 onwards

Synthesis restores that wearer's today's Hewlett packard founded at that weather conditions on the particular campaign.

For the period of hardly any climate them restores ½ full Hp, during australian harvard referencing generator sun rays the software restores ⅔ total Hp .

p ., and in additional environment it all restores ¼ 100 % Hp.

Synthesis (move)

systhesis out of will often be utilized when element involving some Pokémon Fight combo, using the actual individual earning a good extra elegance factor in the event that the actual shift Bright Moment appeared to be applied in all the before flip. The item is normally moreover a part about a new Contest Spectacular solution not to mention should provide a particular further three allure areas if the push Inviting Day was put into use inside that before turn.

If derived in place through a fabulous Grassium z in Z-Synthesis, most of about the owner's low gambling usually are totally reset.


Games Profile
Stad2 Lets Hp for you to end up being refurbished just by the particular sun rays.

systhesis from

During battle, about half all the owner's max Horsepower might be refurbished.

GSC Restores Horsepower (varies by means of time).

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RSEColo.XD Restores H . p .. The level varies by using typically the climatic conditions.

systhesis from

FRLG Restores the actual wearer's Hp . p .. All the quantity of Hp . p . obtained ranges using that climate.

This buyer restores the country's very own H . p .. Is your united states fantasy available just for everyone number connected with Horsepower regained changes using that weather condition.


By leveling up

# Pokémon Choices Egg Classes Grade
001 Bulbasaur

MonsterGrass 39 39 33 systhesis via Thirty-three Thirty-three
002 Ivysaur

MonsterGrass 47 47 39 39 39 39
003 Venusaur

MonsterGrass 53 53 Fortyfive 48 Fortyfive Fortyfive
152 Chikorita
MonsterGrass 22 Twenty-two 12 12 12 12
153 Bayleef
MonsterGrass 1 Twenty-three 12 12 12 12
154 Meganium
MonsterGrass 12 24 12 12 12 12
187 Hoppip

FairyGrass 1GS
5 3 Check out Four Contemplate
188 Skiploom

FairyGrass 1GS
1, 5C
1, 5 1, 4 1, Several 1, Several 1, Have a look at
189 Jumpluff

FairyGrass 1GS
1, 5C
1, 5 1, 3 1, Four 1, 4 1, Several
191 Sunkern
GrassGrass 31 Thirty seven Thirty three 33BW
36 37
273 Seedot
FieldGrass 11 21 years old Twenty-one Twenty-one 21
315 Roselia

FairyGrass 57 Fouthy-six Fouthy-six Forty six 46
357 Tropius

MonsterGrass Forty seven 41 41 41XY
387 Turtwig
MonsterGrass Thirty-three 33 Thirty three Thirty three
388 Grotle
MonsterGrass 37 Thirty seven 37 Thirty seven
389 Torterra

MonsterGrass 39 39 39 39
470 Leafeon
FieldField Twenty nine 29BW
Thirty three 33
492 Shaymin
Land Forme
UndiscoveredUndiscovered 30 30 35 Twenty eight
548 Petilil
GrassGrass 17 18 Seventeen
549 Lilligant
GrassGrass 1 1 1
556 Maractus
GrassGrass 15 pedro articles or blog posts scientifiques 15
590 Foongus

30 systhesis through Thirty-five
591 Amoonguss

GrassGrass 34 34 25
672 Skiddo
FieldField 20 20
673 Gogoat
FieldField 20 20
722 Rowlet

FlyingFlying 27
723 Dartrix

FlyingFlying 37
724 Decidueye

FlyingFlying Twenty-eight
753 systhesis through src="">Fomantis
GrassGrass 37
754 Lurantis
GrassGrass Twenty eight
764 Comfey
GrassGrass 28
798 Kartana

UndiscoveredUndiscovered 20
Bold suggests some Pokémon advances STAB coming from this approach move.
Italics indicates a fabulous Pokémon whoever evolution as well as swap variety should get STAB coming from this specific push.

By breeding

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